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Specify touchguard anti-bacterial surface coating for all your printed material and kill up to 99.97% of the bugs that could bring your business down.
end user information
End users should specify Touchguard to their print suppliers.

No special printing application method is required to ensure an antibacterial surface coating is protecting your customers handling any printed material in circulation in support of your business.
printing information
Touchguard duct applied varnish can be introduced by using a dry solid method or by a litho plate damp system if a varnish free area is required on the finished printed product.

Offset spray and infrared unit settings remain the same as for normal varnish application, so no special measures needed to print with TouchGuard. Emulsion coating, the touchGuard product is applied in exactly the same way as a normal coating, it has the same viscosity. Infrared settings and drying speeds are identical to normal emulsion coatings. The TouchGuard emulsion coating can be applied either through a nip roller or an analox system.
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